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Three Natural Methods for Alleviating Herpes

Herpes is a regular part of life. Herpes may pass by easily for some folks. Many people feel a constant pull of herpes. After suffering for a length of time from herpes you may begin to show physical symptoms of poor immune function and a slowed metabolism. Each person can experience the impact of prolonged herpes in a different way. The mental coping mechanisms of each individual can likewise be expected to be unique. Some find a great deal of comfort in drugs. There are those who prefer their own herbal treatments to pharmaceuticals. If you find yourself dealing with herpes, read on for some simple methods of handling herpes.

Borage can be supremely helpful to people who suffer from high herpes levels. Sometimes people call Borage Starflower and while it is native to parts of Northern Africa, it can be found globally today. It has been used as an herbal method of relieving the symptoms associated with herpes as well as with depression. For the most part, people add the oil of the plant (found in the leaves) to their food and supplements. Be careful if you want to use it, though, as this particular ingredient is also a mild diuretic. Chamomile has often been used as a natural and herbal way to relieve herpes. It has medicinal properties that have been proven over and over again to calm a person's nervous system. It has also been proven to be quite helpful in calming down the digestive tract. It has also been used as an anti-inflammatory. There are lots of ways to "take" chamomile. Some people prefer to go the supplement route as it is highly concentrated there. Some people prefer to simply drink chamomile tea. The tea method is much cheaper and is easier for your system to take. The heat from the tea is also soothing to your body physically which can help you reap the benefits of the chamomile more quickly.

Add cardamom seeds to the foods you cook. Cardamom seeds are well known as natural breath fresheners, heart helpers and have the ability to speed up your digestive system. They are also quite helpful in relieving herpes. It's easy to cook tea with them. You can also try crushing their pods and then tossing them into whatever food you are cooking. They make a great addition to a stir-fry and to rice. It is also really easy to add them to the baking you might be doing. It's relatively simple to find it in your grocery store's spice aisle if you can't find any pods.

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Many herbal remedies are out there that you can use for dealing with herpes. Whenever you feel herpesed out, turn to herbal remedies first. And today, you've just read about some of the herbal remedies you can use for herpes relief. Give them a try and then if you're up for it, find some more remedies you can use.